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The trademark of Spark Astronomy is innovation, passion and total commitment to spreading knowledge of astronomy and space sciences amongst the masses. Spark Astronomy is an opportunity for us to communicate our belief in developing scientific temperament to people, especially children, to create an intelligent and analytic global community.

We offer space science education through one-on-one online interactive live classes for children aged 6-18, Tailor made Astronomy Laboratories to K-12 schools, and a wide range of made in India astronomy products, aimed at making learning hands-on, relevant to everyday life, comprehensible, exciting and fun.

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Is your child curious to learn about this amazing universe, black holes, galaxies, stars, planets and aliens? Are you willing to gift your child an opportunity to make career in the biggest and the most lucrative, never ending industry? Do you dream of your child traveling to space one day? If these are the thoughts you get often, you are at the right place Please let our astronomy consultant help you chose right course for your kids, kindly submit your details below:


Live Online Classes

India’s first experiential learning online classes

All our online classes come with an astronomy kit, which is delivered at your doorstep and child uses it while taking classes online: so it’s not only interactive but it ensures hands-on learning.



Astronomy Kit with 2” Telescope,
Basic of Astronomy, Solar System, Telescopes, Art of Star Gazing

6 Classes

Rs. 7,999

Rs 6,999

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Astronomy Kit with 3” Telescope,
Learning through the Sky, Race to the Red Planet, Planetary Science, Evalution of the Universe, Getting to Space

25 Classes

Rs. 35,000

Rs 29,999

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Astronomy Kit with 4” Telescope,
Cosmic Dance, Einstein’s Universe, How Cosmology works?, Looking at in-Infra-red, Gamma ray light, What takes to being an Astrophysicist?

50 Classes

Rs. 85,000

Rs 79,999

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90% of today’s jobs will not exist after 10 years, space industry is an exception. Gift your child a happy childhood and a bright future. Space will be the biggest, the most lucrative and never ending industry within a few years: The biggest innovators and entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezoz, Elon Musk, Richard Branson have their eyes on space already.
Give your child an exposure of building a career in an industry which will last for as long as the humanity itself.


Laboratories for Schools

India’s first astronomy laboratories for schools
Space industry is emerging as one of the most lucrative industry globally The growth in Space Industry makes space education more and more important. However, there is no or very little exposure to space education at school level: think about Computers in 70s.
Here comes Spark Astronomy Laboratories in schools an astronomy laboratory makes astronomy education more hands-on, meaningful and fun. Above all a laboratory in a school makes astronomy accessible to all the children studying in the school.
What does a Spark Astronomy Laboratory consist of?
• The laboratory consists of high quality multiple style telescopes for space observation.
• 28+ working models: making astronomy education hands on and fun.
• A space like interior to make learners best of learning experience.
• Curriculum mapped with the existing syllabus.

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Shakeel Ahmad

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Shishirant Rahul


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3" Reflector Premium Telescope (Launch Offer-Save Flat 7,999/-)

Rs. 14,999

Rs 10,500 + (Free accessories worth Rs. 2500)

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Will my child become An Astronomer if he attends this course?

Your child will become whoever he/she wants to become. This course makes children imaginative and creative, it stimulates curiosity, and curiosity leads to innovation. Any child who’s imaginative, thinks innovative and is curious will succeed in whatever he/she wants to do in life. Space industry is growing faster than ever before; humanity has started talking about occupying other planets. Further growth in space will generate a huge career opportunity for space scientists, space doctors, space engineers, space lawyers etc. Therefore, the space education is not just about becoming an astronomer it’s way more than that.


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